Must-Have iPhone Apps

If you’re visiting this site because you have recently invested in an iPhone, then you’re probably still figuring out which are the best apps to download. Of course, I would suggest that you should certainly install the apps which I have developed and worked on myself, but here are a few others which might also come in useful.


AroundMe can be one of the best apps to have on your iPhone if you often find yourself in unfamiliar territory. Making the most of the iPhone’s GPS capabilities, this app calculates where you are, and what’d around you. Find everything from nearby hospitals to ATM machines, and even enter your own search criteria.

World Wiki

Another useful app if you’re frequently away from home, especially if you’re usually abroad. World Wiki offers a wealth of information about countries of the world. If your phone automatically connects with a service provider such as O2 when you’re in the UK, then you can easily find out the dial codes that you might need. On the other hand, you might want to find out about the time zone in France – it’s all there in one app.


Do you have an unbelievably hectic schedule? This app version of an already-popular schedule management system could be the answer. If you find that you’ve not always got your schedule to hand when you need it, then you can make and manage appointments online via this easy to use app. Never find yourself double-booked again.


If you always like to be in the know, then PulseNews is not an app that you’ll want to be without. This app uses Google feeds to compile all the latest news from the web, and display it within relevant topic sections. After you’ve read a news story, it will turn grey – so you can see what you’ve read and what you haven’t.

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